Negative margin by default

I’ve just updated Bricks to 1.6 and now I get this 30px in page rendered instead of 70px I set in builder view.

Also I don’t know where the two negative margins came from…

Any idea? Thanks.

Hi @Aldo

Do you have a URL and what version did you upgrade from?

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If I remember well previous version was 1.5.7.
Here the URL

Not sure what caused it during the update, it is possibly related to the overlay issues that have been about for the last couple of releases. I know it’s been changing back and forth.

However, to fix your issues, the slider is breaking out of its container causing the gap to be smaller.

Remove the 100vh you have applied to the height on the first container. The ID is "brxe-a0981f It will still be 100vh as you have given the slider a 100vh min-height value. :+1:

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Thanks a lot, @Michael .

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