Need hooks for the Native elements

Hello, Bricks teams,

I am trying to add the custom HTML content in the Bricks native elements(via PHP):

  1. Post element
  2. Related Posts element
  3. Product element
  4. Related Product element
  5. Up-sells element

I used the bricks/frontend/before_render_data hook. Custom HTML content is added perfectly to the frontend. But the bricks editor is not showing that data and I can’t see the preview there. See the demo


Bricks Editor:

If you people will add the hook inside those elements, then we (developers) can easily customize the native bricks elements.

Hope that you will take a look and grant my request.



That’s an excellent idea. I hope the Bricks team will prioritize that.

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+1. Good idea and logic request. It would be nice feature.

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+1 Great idea! Let’s hope that the development team will add it as soon as possible!

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+1. Add this please.

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+1 Great Idea. it can help both plugin developers an users to have better experience with bricks builder. please add this

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I hope it will be added soon.

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