My Woocommerce website


Here is a nothing-fancy website that I created like 2 years ago on Elementor for my wife’s side job business and just updated on Bricks.

The speed of Elementor site was just so horrible and even requested outside help from experts and they basically said using what I’m using, there wasn’t going to me drastic improvements.

Now my website on Bricks is missing some minor features that I still didn’t have to implement but I’m sure in the end, it would be feature packed like before.

Please do come and take a look but knowing that I’m nor a designer or a coder.


Please change the header’s font. Unreadable! :smiley: Sometimes less is more… :wink:


I have several Woocommerce sites for client I built in Bricks and they are super fast, scoring 100 in both Google pagespeed mobile and desktop. You can build anything better in Bricks!

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I like it! Good job.

Just some Psychological sidenote, the grey buttons may look sleek but inactive and do not welcome to press them. I’d chose another color, rather greenish or black outline that turns green on hover.
And maybe put the buy button above the fold no matter how long the description is.

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Hi, I am building a Woocommerce site currently and was taking a look at yours and I’m intrigued to find out how you hid all the woocommerce store notices? Have you added functions to stop them from appearing?

Also, when an item is removed from a cart leaving an empty cart, you have a message and a return to store button - how were you able to get those to appear because I just can’t get it to work at all.

Great job though!

Are you able to share any links to these websites so we can check them out?