My Windows Defender found Troyan virus in the v1.9.7 zip file

I downloaded the Bricks Builder file and Windows 11 Windows Defender detected the following Trojan virus.

See this in Microsoft website

I have written an email to the developers.

Be careful!


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Hello zvaranka,

It might be a false positive. I downloaded and extracted the v1.9.7 zip file with no detections. I am using the latest March update for Windows 11.

The zip file gets no detections through Virus Total, VirusTotal - File - 2e5abf064aa820e0f9fc4f0d1eef1e80e1a1af3adfbf0ed91271b96a70c97636

Probably don’t have to worry about it.

downloaded and scanned with defender.

up-to-date win 10

btw this is probably the most secure update up to this day :slight_smile:
don’t worry about it :rofl:

I just had to re-make settings on my sites because of security settings overhauled completely…


In any case, when downloading version, there was no indication from Windows Defender. True, the virus database has also been updated.

Thanks for the comments