My portfolio website made with bricks

I just finished building my portfolio website. Check it out and give feedback on what can be improved.
Once I’ve refined everything, I will migrate it to my custom domain.
Thanks in advance!


The moment i opened i got

I’ve tried different browsers and I can’t replicate the error you’ve shared.

Maybe it’s the anti-virus software u’re using? I’ve already installed SSL certificate to secure the website. Thanks for the feedback, I will look into this more.

its coming from bitdefender

virustotal results says something similar

Thanks for your insight. I’ve managed to find the problem. My WordPress files are clean but the domain extension ( I’ve used to temporarily point to my hosting IP is compromised. I guess these are the flaws of free domains. I’ve already purchased my domain and am in the process of migrating my site. Once everything is finished, I will update the link.

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Looks great, did you use any Bricks addons to build it?

FYI - There’s a typo on this page, should be not

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Thanks for looking into it. The portfolio works were just filler content while I was building the site. After migrating the site, I will add the previous work I’ve done. As for Bricks addons, I’ve used Bricksforge for menu animations and Advanced Themer for variables and color management. Everything else is native to Bricks.

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Hey Mahmud, your page looks really nice.

it even looks like a webflow Page, so congrats for that outcome!

One little bug I’ve had is the Navigation disapears completely if i scroll down and back to the top on Mac OS / Safari.

Hi Eddy, thanks for checking out my portfolio. About the navigation disappearing on scrolling down, I’ve done that intentionally. The effect am trying to achieve is that the header will disappear when scrolling down, and appear when scrolling up. Is this what’s happening on Safari? Let me know while I try to replicate the bug you have mentioned.

@mahmudzar If you have an iPad, please check your site. When you scroll up from the bottom of your page to the top, You will see that your header has completely disappeared.

Here is the recording.

Hope it helps

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Ver nice… I love it!

Nice work :slight_smile: and welcome to the forum!