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Although I have my agency Site for the Croatian market, I wish to offer my services on a different Site (for the global market), and that’s why I made this Site:

I am aware there could be a problem with the contrast on the Site, and I really wondering how many of you have a problem with that (I mean, how many of you think there IS a real contrast problem on the Web).
As this is just a released Website, there could be some typos or similar “bugs”. If you see any, please don’t hesitate to report them or just express your thoughts.

Thank you.


Well done, Sinisa.

I have some cursory observations that you may find useful.

  • Love the color pallete and the waves pattern in the background.
  • Those waves pattern combined with gradient is a nice touch. gives a sense of movement and contrast.
  • The WP animation is nice but the interaction feels stiff and unnatural. as a user i was expecting my interaction with it to be as fluid as it looks. I’ve seen implementations of this idea that were more fluid. a good place to look for some ideas would be at codrops. consider setting the animation to rise and fall randomly minus the interaction.
  • Also, I think that WP animation should be the first thing the user sees in the mobile view (albeit a bit smaller so as to pair well with the opening line.
  • Not too keen on the big orange bracket as a design element. It’s a bit obnoxious, imo, and seems off-brand with wavy flow of the other visual elements.
  • I really like the wavy pattern and the wavy wp animation. consider introducing wavy section dividers to keep that flow more continuous. the blocky standard sections interrupt the flow state you’ve created with those design patterns.

Not sure if this was the kind of feedback you were soliciting but those are my thoughts.
Again, nice work. Cheers.


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Thank you very much, James,
I could agree with you regarding orange brackets due to the unnatural fit with wavy elements. I didn’t think about that. Maybe I will change that, will see.

Thank you once again.
Best regards!

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