My NGO - website done with Bricks

Hello everyone!
My 1rst production site done with Bricks!
It is my NGO site; this is a fresh from start - redesign after a previous standard design done with a DIVI template.

This is the 1rst version, WIP as I need to add more content and visual engaging stuff.
I like a lot the Bricks interface and workflow; I am more quick than in Elementor or Oxygen or Divi.
Keep up the excellent work!


Wow. Looks really nice. Keep up the good work.

There are some issues with the mobile layout. I see the hamburger menu and search icon in the middle and it is too close to the logo.

Another issue is that when I try to open up the Proiecte sub menu on the mobile it will just navigate away or close itself and I can’t really go the any of the sub menu items.

I might give less weight on the menu font… 400 instead of 700 gives this: