My latest Build - DS-Web

Build using Bricks 1.5, Automatic.css - first time I used it :slight_smile:

I love simplicity


Initially did the build using Elementor a while back.
But when Bricks released 1.5 I decided to give it a spin.
And wauv the speed out of the box :slight_smile:


Dan! Thanks for sharing.
well i like it, to simple but i think is good. good css.

The only point that I would change would be the header since the menu, for example, cannot be distinguished very well and the logo looks rather strange.

Maybe it would look good in white and when you scroll the menu stick it will change to the corresponding colors.

I don’t know my opinion since the colors and type of logo do not go with the simple and fresh design of the web and making it simple (in one tone) would give it more congruence… but it is my opinion.

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Thank you for your insights.
I am aware of some of the issues you have pointed out and rebuilding some of it on the staging site.
I am also planning to have more contents and maybe some videos and subtle animations.