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My first website made with Bricks

Hi guys, some details are still missing but it’s almost finished:

Any feedback appreciated. :grinning:

Looks really good!
But a couple of issues for me. ( viewed on desktop only )

  1. What does the down arrow do? I kept trying to click on it but nothing. So why is it there?
  2. The logo is a bit big and intrusive. It dangles down and covers the text as you scroll down. Maybe better if left up on the header so it doesn’t get in the way.
  3. I like the English translation button - how did you do that? But it only works on the first page and not if you choose anything else from the navigation. Also of course the Navigation menu itself isn’t translated.
  4. Lastly the very first image is dulled down ( as are the others ) but I really wanted to look at the sea!!!

Really nice though, just a shame it’s not a bit closer to me.

Hi Alan, thank you for you feedback.

  1. it’s just something to remeber to scroll down, I’m not sure if it really helps and maybe I’ll remove it, but I don’t want to make it clickable… I’d better think about it some more.
  2. Well, in this logo (that I cannot change) the text “da Tondo” is really small, so I need a size that can make it at least ‘readable’, anyway it doesn’t seem to me so intrusive.
  3. The reasturant doesn’t have an english version for the menu, so I cannot make the whole website in english. I prepared just one page that ‘replicates’ the Home. So no need to translate the Nav bar. The UK flag is made with a little bit of custom CSS on the last-child <li> that add an ::after content on hover
  4. You mean that the images are too much compressed and with low quality? or that the white veil could be more transparent?

Thanks again.

edit, here is the custom CSS:

root li:last-child:hover::after {
    content: url('');
    position: absolute;
    top: 10px;
    right: -40px;