My First Bricks Website - Gourmet Getaway Tours

Hey All,

I hate page builders. I absolutely loath them. I settled on Oxygen for a bit because Elementor and Divi produce poor client outcomes but… I absolutely loved working with Bricks. Worth every cent.

I can’t believe how smooth and quick it is. Had a few issues with 1.55 but ultimately I never procrastinated at all on this project and I never got frustrated waiting for the builder to load.

Plugins used:

  • AutomaticCSS
  • Plaster
  • BricksExtras

Feedback is appreciated.


Nicely done. One hiccup: In testimonials your data shows twice here.
I totally like your design, only your typo is a miss for me. I can see were you are coming from, as the Logo seems to show, but the main typo headers do just not transport the value of the offer. It is way too playful. In the body the typo is working, but maybe you can find a nice serif contrast for the headers. Wine & Food is not SaaS…

Otherwise, don’t think I don’t like it, it is just that with a better typo combo your site could profit i.m.o a lot. Cheers on the great work.