Multi-Select in Canvas and Structure

You can only select one element at a time in the Bricks canvas at the moment. So, imagine I create a grid of cards and fill out all the content details in each card, only to realize that I forgot to add something like an icon or a modifier class.

Without multi-select, I have to select each individual card one by one and paste the element in or apply the class. Then, I have to select the next instance and repeat the process. And again. And again. And forever for however many instances exist.

With multi-select, I could select every card at once and apply the missing class or paste the missing icon. Or I could delete a class from all instances at once. Or any number of other helpful “bulk” actions, like “wrap with div/block” (giving us the ability to quickly group associated elements together).

Drag-and-drop also comes into play here. The ability to multi-select elements and then drag them to a new area on the page is tremendously helpful from a workflow efficiency perspective. It can also reduce the number of grouping wrappers that might be needed.

Ideally, multi-select would work both in the canvas and the structure panel so I can multi-select from either area.

Both forms of multi-select would work, of course: shift + click as well as cmd + click. The expected behavior would be the same as in any operating or file system.


I still don’t understand why there isn’t… unforgivable…


Must needed feature !!


Top of my wishlist!! Really hoping this arrives in Bricks.

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That’s a must!

There’s at least two instances of this request on the Idea board:

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Here’s an example of how it was implemented in Wordpress 6.0: Introducing WordPress 6.0 (01:14)