Mouse Over Parallax Image

Hi Is there anyway I can do the mouse over parallax like in this site?

The original link: Live demo for Spectrum - Architecture One Page Modern HTML Landing Page Template #75697

Chao @hoangdong13 not without custom code. There is already a feature request on the idea board which is getting some good votes now over 500 which would give you this ability. Be sure to give it a thumbs up

Thank you that’s awesome! Is there a way that I can do it now? I try different JQuery code but none are working


you can use something like Parallax.js. The implemetation is pretty easy and works nicely!

That’s so awesome! :smiley: thank you so much. Is it ok if i can see the source code of your example?

I made a quick video:

This is the Javascript Code:

  document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) {
    var scene = document.getElementById('scene');
    var parallaxInstance = new Parallax(scene, {
      selector: '.post-thumbnail',

Btw., you can add the

<script src=""></script>

also into the code element instead to the global js if you use it e.g. only on the Homepage.

Edit: Settings > Page Settings > Body (Footer ) Scripts should also work.


Thank you so much really appreciate!! :smiley:

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