with Bricks

Hello everyone. :wave:t3:
Do members of this community use with Bricks?
Is everything compatible, no bug, great support,etc ?
And above all, what do you think about with Bricks?
Is it worth or is it better to code GSAP in Bricks ?
Thank you :smiling_face:

Haven’t used but I’m 99% sure the UI for motion page all happens outside of whichever builder you’re using, so there’s not really a way it could have a bug. It’s just looking at the finished HTML on the page and adding GSAP to animate it all.

@wplit Thanks for the reply, yes that makes sense. :slightly_smiling_face:I find it a shame (dommage → in french ) not to be able to try before buying. :thinking:

I’m just starting down this path myself. One issue that I ran into that brought me here to report on is the LazyLoading in the Bricks settings. I’m not sure if this is a default operation or a Bricks homegrown implementation. But it causes problems.

When the page is rendered with content BTF, the CSS is applied to those elements. But, once the parent container hits the viewport, the LazyLoad kicks in and resets the CSS to the Bricks default CSS. This breaks all animations as your start position, defined in MP, will not be presented on page load.

The only solution at this point is to disable the Bricks LazyLoad.

In answer to your questions about MP, yes, it will work with any builder. Motioonpage uses GSAP, a Jscript library that affects the element’s CSS settings in-line, dynamically.

There may be some builders where you would have to apply a custom class to ensure that objects are targeted properly in the event that the builder dynamically changes ID’s if there are any changes made to the DOM structure. Most workflows normally involve creating your page as final and then going into MP to define the animations

@Quadcom Thank you for all your information. :wink:
I bought Motion Page ( black friday :star_struck: ). I’m going to test all this during the Christmas holidays :evergreen_tree: :santa:t3: :deer:. Did you contact Thomas about this and the Motion Page team? I’d be curious to hear their feedback