Most requested gallery and lightbox improvements

I have seen many gallery and lightbox improvements (some of the even repeated) and I wanted to sum all of them up.

I think this improvements are needed but votes are getting diluted due to the variey of requests.

This are the main features on the ideas section of the webpage and the forum:

Gallery widget:
-Load more option
-ACF in queries

Lightbox options:
-Show caption
-Image description
-Image title
-Disabel zoom
-Add a close button
-Navigation arrows (when used a query loop on mobile deviced)
-Photo strip underneath
-Disable right-click
-More styling options

This are some of the ideas currently adressing this issue:

-Lightbox Options (824 votes):

-Image Gallery: Lightbox Navigation (588 votes):

-Lightbox Option: Show caption (402 votes):

-Support ACF Gallery in Queries (222 votes):

-Image Gallery: Use “img” instead of “div” with background images (188 votes):

-Image Gallery: Load more option (125 votes):

This ideas are arround 2400 votes and I think they would be easier for developers to design them all at once.

I hope to see them soon at the roadmap!

Thanks guys!!!


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Zoom Gallery Woocommerce
It would be nice to be able to deactivate the zoom of the Woocommerce image or gallery


Set Image Focus Point (2202 votes):

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I’ve been loooking for an option to disable the zoom option. @prj thanks for the sum up of all potential improvements. Maybe we will get those faster :slight_smile:

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My designers recently requested to show a different preview image than the lightbox image. currently (as of 1.9.3), you can only load the same image in another thumbnail-size but not select a completely different image. Would be a game changer if bricks implemented this.


Set Featured image in builder (144 votes):

Option to disable lazy load for background images (171 votes):

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Set Image Focus Point (2232 votes):

Image caption interesting feature:

Icon or text preview, full caption when you click or hover: