Mobile/ responsive hide/show and reverse column?

Hello all,

I’m coming from Elementor pro and giving bricks builder a try on a project. There are a couple of features which I found very handy on Elementor and wonder if bricks has such:

  1. Hide/Show content at each breakpoint - this was a toggle button to hide a section or content on desktop/mobile etc. How to do on bricks?

  2. Like number 1 reverse column on tablet/ mobile? If you have a 2 column layout and want second column first on mobile was a simple toggle - anything similar?

Look forward to your help


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Hi @atifriaz, a great choice. I made the same switch!

Yes, it is super easy to do it with Bricks:

If you need this for containers or inner containers, then it’s all on the content tab - Screenshot by Lightshot

If you need this for elements, like heading, text, form, etc., then it’s in the style tab - Screenshot by Lightshot

*Make sure you choose which breakpoint you want to hide/change order first.
** To hide an element or container, it uses the correct name, so under the display option, choose: none

Hope that helps :+1:

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Hi, your screenshot link is broken. Can you update again? Thank you very much!

Hey @lamlai Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Sure…I will add some as images so they wont disappear in the future. Remember container and elements have different locations. And remember to be on the breakpoint you want it to hide.

To hide containers:

And to hide elements like text, images or headings etc:

Good luck :+1:

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Shouldn’t it be display: none to hide? :thinking::grinning:


How to completely disable the element for output in html without using display: none ? :roll_eyes: