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Mobile menu styling troubles - size and color

Tutorials are very welcome in general.
I want to style the Moblie menu:
When I want to change size and the colour of the burger menu, I try with background colour.
I know its not this way.
I go to the Hamburger toggle settings, but cannot se what I do with hamburger. Or is it the wrong place to style the hamburg menu???
What else can I do

Hi Johnny,

you need to select the Breakpoint, on which the mobile menu should appear (on the left). Then, switch to the specific breakpoint (on the top) and you can see and style your mobile menu and hamburger icon.

Best regards,

But where do I edit the hamburger menu?
Size clour etc

you are currently editing the top level menu, scroll to the bottom, select the “Mobile Menu” tab and there you will find, among other things, the :hamburger: options and generally all the settings that affect your mobile menu.

I am messing around a lot here…
But maybe its not possible to edit the hamburger separately from the hamburger.
I want the hamburger to be greenish and the toggle close X to be white on the greenish background.
Also I want edit the boldness / or fatness of the hamburger - where?

Hi Johnny,
no, it is not possible to style the size of the hamburger and close button separately because they are basically the same element.

You can change the color of the hamburger, the color of the close icon, and the position of the close icon if you want it to be somewhere else than the hamburger position.

You can override the boldness with custom CSS.

.bricks-element-nav-menu .bricks-mobile-menu-toggle span {
	height: 4px;

.bricks-element-nav-menu .bricks-mobile-menu-toggle .bar-center {
	top: 10px;

.bricks-element-nav-menu .bricks-mobile-menu-toggle .bar-bottom {
	top: 20px; 

Best regards,

That helped me further.
Thank you, @timmse

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