Metabox Field Groups - Cloneables - Repeaters? Can't make them display correctly

Probably easier to explain here. I have decided to use a regular WordPress post and just add custom fields to it in place of making any CPTs. I want each of my posts to list 10 things. I am using Bricks, MetaBox, ACSS, and Frames.
Created three custom field groups (representing different categories but not as taxonomies - I have those separated and defined fine elsewhere) within a single main field group using MetaBox (MB).

Each one is set to cloneable and no more than ten will be allowed.

So basically, my single post page template (using a Frame from within it) can pull the data in correctly onto the first card on the page but I can’t figure out how to make it populate the rest of the page properly with the cloneable/repeatable data.

I have scoured this forum and saw a few things that might have helped and tried them but nothing seems to answer what I want to do.
Any help greatly appreciated. If I need to break them all into CPTs to get it to work, I will. But for data entry, just opening a new post and having all things on one page seemed a bit easier for me.

UPDATE: I was able to get this to work but it’s really screwy because you can’t see the results on the backend very well.