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Hi , I have made a portfolio on bricks builder. No addon plugin used, just the bricks builder.

Bricks 1.9.2

Any suggestions/feedback are much appreciated


very nice, good job

my only comment would be that the first 2 sections are wider than the rest of the page and the contact section at the end is the same width as the first 2 sections

They are made to look like that purposefully, as one has FAQ wont look nice when wide, other are cards, would look bad when wide. Thanks for the feedback

I really like color pallete, small patterns on the background, all looks very, very nice. And desing very clean and comfortable to read. Very well done.
I’m just a bit confuse about is this is your site as a one guy band or it is company with more people?

In the menu and in the favicon there is photo of one person, the title is “…Wordpress Web Developer” but then inn all the text I see “we, our, etc”. So if I will be interested of working with Memu Delight I will be working with one freelancer or few people company - which one are you?

There are pros and cons to both and I would like to know it before making commitment and requesting a quote

The rest I really really like

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Thanks for the feedback. I work as a freelancer but was planning to make a small team, so had used the words WE, OUR etc, but your feedback was correct so have made the required changes to make it understandable that m a freelancer.