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Meditation Site with Free Course

I recently moved this site to Bricks from Thrive Themes and Neve. This front page uses some CSS animation that doesn’t seem to slow the loading speed at all. The /blog/ subdirectory is a different installation of both Bricks and Wordpress. In the menu, you can access that via “Videos.”

About the course: I basically made my own LMS from scratch using Bricks and the Bricksable toggle element. It’s incomplete on this site until I add multimedia and gamification. But I will use another one of my sites, which has a very elaborate from-scratch LMS, as a model for this one. I know Bricks can do it. BTW The membership software is ARMember. Better than MemberPress featurewise, and much cheaper.

Problems: Just one. The mobile menu does strange things when the page first loads on both desktop and mobile. Google thinks it’s an enormous CLS. Sometimes it’s first load. Sometimes it’s second load. I wonder if Quic.Cloud has something to do with it.

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