Marquee for text and images in Bricks (ideally for the nested Slides)

Coming from Elementor I can pretty much write here what I wrote on the Elementor github as a request.

Our company keeps getting requests for marquee effects for pretty much every website. Whether it´s for simple text, for images or for other content. On almost all of our Elementor websites there has been at least one marquee section so far and because Elementor doesn´t have an option for that we always had to rely on 3rd party plugins which is not rlly the best thing cause installing a plugin just for a simple marquee like that always bloats the whole website.

Now that we´re moving from Elementor to Bricks it´s unfortunately pretty much the same thing… There are 3rd party tools that can do that but it´s still a 3rd party tool that you have to buy and install just for this effect…

I´d be great if Bricks had an option to do this natively. And I know that there are ways to somehow make it work with native Bricks but trust me… All the options that I´ve found so far don´t work perfectly. Either they are very limited when it comes to styling or options or they don´t work well for all devices.

The solution that was shared here

doesn´t work well either. I really appreciate these tutorials but it´s pretty much the same that the devs of told me: It kind of works but it´s not great. The marquee content is “jumping” sometimes or the content is stretched when you resize the window or there are other issues with these solutions. That´s why I´d love to have a very robust solution in Bricks.

What I´m talking about is this:

What would be great to have there are options for the space between the single items, for the marquee speed, the direction (left to right, right to left, top to bottom or bottom to top, or even diagonally) and of course the basic stylings like border for the items, padding, etc…

To name just a few use cases where our company desperately needed this:

  • logo marquee (link above) where client or partner logos are displayed
  • text marquee for promotions (for a local snack bar the client wanted to have a marquee banner with “Hamburger: only 5,70€!!!” right below the hero image
  • marquee with client reviews

As you can see, the marquee effect seems to be pretty popular amongst our clients. Having an option to do this natively within Bricks with all the options mentioned above would be highly appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile:

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