Map element work without api

Hi @timmse
Elementor can render the map without Google api key
It would be great if you do the same.
Unfortunately in our region we are not allowed to get map api key

Thank you

I’m not sure that it does. However, this is not recommended at all.

If it works, the Elementor map element works without requiring an API key because it uses the default Google Maps API key provided by Elementor, which is also shared by all websites built with it.

Using the default API key for the Google Maps element might be considered acceptable for small personal or non-commercial projects, where the usage of the map is limited and does not exceed the usage limits of the default key.

However, if you want to use the Google Maps API on a larger website or for a commercial project, you will need to obtain your own API key from Google and enter it in the Elementor settings anyway. This will give you access to more advanced features of the Google Maps API and prevent any usage limits or errors.

So why not do it from the start anyway?

Looking at the Ele docs, it doesn’t even mention a default key. Imagine the usage limits that might need to have to work on so many sites :exploding_head: