Mane Phély's Website Using Bricks

Hello Bricks Community!

Today, I have something special to share with you: a sneak peek of the website we, the Guiltek team, created for Mane Phély, a supremely talented French visual artist. Mane’s style is unique, mainly working with cardboard to create wall sculptures, paintings, and even jewelry. Her art draws inspiration from nature and the mineral world, and let me tell you, it’s truly captivating!

Now, let’s talk about the website. We chose WordPress with our beloved Bricks theme, and honestly, it was a winning choice. The site is quite simple, but it does its job splendidly! The color palette, a mix of gold, black, and white, creates a clean ambiance that really lets the artwork shine. It’s simple yet elegant - just the way we like it.

User experience? We went all out on that front. The Bricks theme helped us create super smooth navigation. It’s seamless, folks! Visitors can easily explore the site and discover Mane’s works without any hassle. We made sure everything is intuitive, whether you’re an art aficionado or just casually browsing.

What we’ve achieved with Bricks is to showcase Mane’s art in a subtle yet effective way. No fuss, just the essentials to let her work speak for itself. And honestly, we’re quite proud of the outcome. It proves that sometimes, simplicity is the key to success.

Our team at Guiltek thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. We combined our technical expertise with a creative touch to bring out the best in Mane’s art. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase what our team can achieve with passion and dedication.

So, if you have a moment, take a look at Mane Phély’s website. You’ll see what can be accomplished with Bricks when keeping things simple yet effective. And of course, feel free to give us your feedback - we’re always open to great advice!

Catch you later !:rocket::brick: