Managing CSS Classes (Reorder/sorting them)

I have been using Bricks and making the most of CSS classes and I realised things started to get a lil bit messy because they are not sorted.

As you can imagine, it triggers my OCDness a little! :slight_smile: It would be great if we can manage those classes with these few ideas in the order of preference:

  • Sorting them alphabetically/last modified or by manual order
  • See classes total usage and which page they are in (like Webflow in someway).
  • Arrange them in folders
  • Highlight elements that are using the classes

The first idea is bolded because I believe that is the easiest to do. The other items are nice to have but can live without as long as the first idea is there.


+1 with this request

It becomes a chaos when you have tons of classes

Ah just posted this question on FB, but I see Iā€™m not the only one.
Would be a very welcome feature indeed!