Make more properties available in all elements (e.g., grid properties), irrespective of parent element

I just submitted this to the Bricks Idea Board but it hasn’t been reviewed yet.

Within elements with grid layout, child elements receive grid properties in the UI under the “Content” tab, such as “Grid column” and “Grid row”. But image elements do not receive these properties. My suggestion is to add them when applicable, so we don’t have to resort to custom CSS.

Edit: I updated the title of this post to reflect @Jugibur 's comment that properties are often not available in various elements, sometimes depending on their parent element, which means that we need to resort to using custom CSS.

Perhaps properties that Bricks Builder thinks shouldn’t be applicable can still be visible, but have an indicator or switch next to them so that they can be used anyway.

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I also miss the fact that such fields are added dynamically depending on the parent element; it’s the same problem with Flex. Fortunately, there is the option of using the code editor and adding this, even if it is a bit more typing.
PS: Why don’t you link your suggestion from the Idea Board here and perhaps reformulate it so that it also applies to other elements? It generally affects all child elements.

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Very true. I found this to be an issue in other elements as well.

I don’t see the suggestion on the Idea Board yet, so nothing to link.

P.S. I updated the title of this post and edited the OP to reflect your comment.