Mailerlite integration

It would be great to have an integration with Mailerlite in the same way it exists with mailchimp and SendGrid. It’s a growing platform with a great reception among developers. thank you very much!


Hey @rjaureg without bricks integration, were you successful in integrating mailerlite? I’m interested to hear how, as I’m looking at marketing email options and Mailerlite seems like a solid choice. Thanks!

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I use JetFormBuilder and they have an integration with MailerLIte. also Woocommerce has integration. Even if it not the perfeect choice MailerLite has a plugin to integrate with WordPress.

With all that I managed to integrate and works fine!


Awesome, thank you! Cheers

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Yes, that would be great. Currently I use the form feature of Mailerlite for the CTA section. But I always have to use Gravity Form for the contact form if my client wants subscribers to be able to subscribe in the contact form.