Luxelle - First big build with Bricksbuilder

Yesterday I launched my first big Bricksbuilder project.
Had a lot of fun building this one and discovering features like templates and components.

Here is a list of features and plugins I’ve used to complete the project:

Dynamic templates => Bricksbuilder + ACF
Conditional rendering => Bricksbuilder
Custom Post Types => Pods (can now also be done with ACF)
Shop grid => WPGridbuilder + Bricksbuilder integration
Ecommerce => WooCommerce + Mollie for checkout
Forms => Bricksbuilder
Appointment tool => Optios (was provided by my client)
Custom code (CSS, JS, …) => WPCodeBox 2 + utopia for the websites foundation (fontsize and spacing mainly)

I still have a lot to learn about Bricksbuilder and WordPress in general. But overall I’m pretty happy with my first big project.

Up next:
Redo my personal website and look for some more clients.

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nice clean design

well done :star:

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@filandr I plan on implementing a CDN like for image / speed optimizations. So my client doesn’t have to worry about the format / size that is being uploaded.

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I would place limits on what they can upload as far as media goes. Loading large sized images over CDN still isn’t great. It’s better but not much.