Loop builder get gallery field

I’m trying to have a nestable slider with all thumbnails down in single post’s template . so I added a gallery field to my posts by Jetengine/ACF, but unfortunately loop builder does not get the gallery field!
May you please consider this issue and make it compatible?

To use this right away, you can use Happy Files Pro. Very good Bricks integration for galleries!

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Any tutorial? I don’t know how can it help?
For each post, i add a few images and want to make a slider im which thumbnails are down

thank you, BTW i meant sth completely different.
as i mentioned i want to use the gallery filed as the source for nestable slider and use this in single post’s template
I dont want to show my images (media: default word post type) at the frontend, going to show each post’s gallery in its own page

Hi @timmse
To make loop builder get with gallery field (added by Jetengine/acf/metabox)
I saw in a video that add some custom code, may you please consider it and make it compatible? So we can use Nestable slider to show our gallery for each post

If you want to use the ACF gallery field with the Query Loop, you would need to set the Query loop as media (inside the builder, select type = posts, post type = media), and then, inside the Bricks child theme functions.php add the following code snippet:

add_filter( ‘bricks/posts/query_vars’, function( $query_vars, $settings, $element_id ) {
// Adjust the element ID based on your the Query Loop element
if ( $element_id == ‘fhmnfx’ ) {
$query_vars[‘post__in’] = \Bricks\Integrations\Dynamic_Data\Providers::render_tag( ‘{acf_your_acf_gallery_field}’, get_the_ID(), ‘image’ );

return $query_vars;

}, 10, 3 );