Local JSON file

Hello Bricks Developer,

Is that possible to make a Local JSON feature like ACF did?
Reference : ACF | Local JSON

The things is save all Bricks Builder data on the local json file, and when we do some update on the page or template (included settings of the page / or template itself), it’ll update it on the json file.

If this is possible, we can start development on localhost and sync it with git, any changes on localhost will saving at json file, and when we pushed to the git, it’ll update on the git and ready to deploy on the production site.


I hope the devs read this, please consider if it’s useful :smiling_face_with_tear:

@thomas @timmse :pray:


+1 for this!
It will simplify maintenance of website in the long run.
The dowside of builder (like ACF for custom field, or Bricks/Elementor for theme builder) is that the “code” is in the database.
This feature will bring back “code” to “code” so we can version control it.


Oooh this is a good idea. I always struggle as developing on local introduces weird things to the DB that I don’t want when I go live.
This would allow me to pass a clean design to the live site.
Has anyone added it to the Ideas list?


I already added it to Idea list, but i think the development team has a lot more to do with the current roadmap

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Is not in the list of “IdeaeList” or at least searching for “json” give nothing

I think they have a moderation for approved the submit ideas, not really sure about it
but i believe i’ve submit this idea

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Not all ideas are accepted. I believe the Bricks team do some evaluation of ideas before accepting them. I have certainly raised quite a few that never see the light of day.

I have also submitted this idea, just to be sure!

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Thanks for re-submitting the idea; this one will be a game changer for page builders.

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Im wondering if changing the title of this post can help folks that do not use ACF to understand the feature better.
It could help get traction here in forum.
“Save bricks template to JSON file, to let version control them” maybe is more easy to grasp …

Well I framed it slightly differently as I don’t use ACF.
Just asked for a local page export to allow backups or in my case the ability to move a design cleanly to a new site. So implies an import ability too. All design elements, styles and classes etc would have to be included - which makes it more complicated.
Lets see what they say.

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