Live search feedback, bugs & more

After waiting for a long time for a live search, it’s finally here :slight_smile: . Spent some time with it, here is my feedback:

Important missing features

  • Integrate default search option into live-search (in order to show some quick search items, with an optional big search on enter or Button press, like it’s common on various sites). ATM, there is no way I could find to switch from live search onto the search page (whilst keeping the search query).

Neutral feedback

  • Live-search setting within Query-loop seems kind of hidden to me. But there’s no better option I could imagine right away.

Bug (kind of)

  • If you don’t specify any live-search container ID (intentional), the search results aren’t being cleared if the search bar is cleared. Probably related with the min char count for live-search.

Positive feedback

  • Very nice idea of setting it all up with existing loops - leaving for a lot of freedom/options
  • Keep live search results ID optional. Not everyone likes to use the default hide/show behavior, leaving the option to create your own animations etc.

I don’t know if you agree with me or not. But I think live ajax search is added too complicated. This could be implemented much more simply and efficiently.

Maybe it would be better for the search filter to remain a simple search filter (like jet smart filters) and on the other hand, a dedicated element for live ajax search would be created. An advanced search element like the jet search plugin requires a lot of options. So if you add all these options to the search filter element, it will cause a lot of confusion.
I hope the developers of bricks will poll the users on Facebook or… as always. Whether you agree with creating a dedicated element for ajax search or not. The current approach doesn’t really look interesting. Maybe I’m wrong too. Thanks in advance.

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I can relate to your arguments - had thoughts like that too. Isn’t to complicated for me, but might be a little to much for others. (sidenote - I have never used jet smart filters)

I’m not particular against the current structure, it just feels like it’s settings are little to much spread. But overall, a 8/10 from me :slight_smile: .

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I agree with the author of the topic. Search and filters are logically different elements. They must exist independently of each other. But in some scenarios, they may overlap and interact together.

I’m also trying around with the live search and for advanced users there are incredible possibilities. Still there are some things missing our not working properly right now. I tried to use the {query_results_count} dynamic tag on my live search loop but can’t get it to work.

Another thing missing is indeed the possibility to take the user’s live search query to the search results template like “See all results”.

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