List view / grid view option or method (something like advanced toggle switch)

Hi all,

I have found only some info (older articles or incomplete) online about making a toggle switch or method for visitors to change from grid view to list view. I would want to use this for Woocommerce product archives/caregory pages.

I have seen this being used in many templates, but not sure where to start. I am not expecting an A to Z explanation, but maybe someone could point me into the right directions and best methods.

I think this could be possible with the Bricks Builder interactions? loading different css/divs? Only i don’t know if this is the best way when applying this to a Woocommerce product archive regarding speed performance and optimization.



You mean you have seen this one already?



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No, also weird why i didn’t see that before. Thanks! I am gonna watch it tomorrow. I sipped true it a little.

I did experiment with the ‘nested tabs element’ in which i could get this also easily. Only then replacing the tab style to the icons and no borders and such, but that was fairly simple. Of course i dunno what would be better when having more to load.