Link to the post or page when user click on carousel image

Hi. It would be good if you can add a selector to go to the post or page when you click on the image of a carousel. Now the link is only if you add the post or page title, but I think lot of users only want the image and the link. Maybe you could put this selector on the overlay settings.


We should really have the ability to create link wrapper with some dynamic controls.

I’m new to bricks so forgive me if this is already available

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2 years later - I’m new to Bricks and this feature would be very welcome! I’m using the query loop to fetch posts, but it seems pointless if users can’t click the posts?

would be great to have this feature. Sure there is workaround for this, but converting all existing carousels is a bit time consuming.

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Here’s a DIY workaround for now. Use the Read More dynamic tag, then set the contents (“read more”) as hidden via css. Then load this JS:

jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ) {
    $(".overlay-wrapper").click(function() {
        var link = $(this).find('a');
        if (link.length) { 

This will find the make the whole .overlay-wrapper clickable by associating the click with the linking the tag.

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