Bricks now with Unlimited Sites & Upcoming Lifetime Price Increase

Lifetime license

I wanted to start by expressing my appreciation for your product. I also wanted to ask you if the license for 1000 sites offered in lifetime mode during the launch period will remain active even when you change your license plan to annual mode. Thanks

I think the answer is YES.

I hope so. I need to send some proposals to new clients and this can help me so much planning an economical strategy.

Plus, I would like to stop using Elementor and turn into Bricks.

I hope some guy of Bricks’ team will reply to my topic.

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I believe that LTD will remain active when the day they are killing the LTD deal some day. If they force LTD’s users to annual subscription, for sure there will have argument.

I am also leaving Elementor. I have a 2 language site there, will try if I can do it in Bricks.

Hello, I am new to Bricks. Please can you say how it works for client sites in terms of activating licenses? Will they be able to edit sites once we activate the license key. I have a new client who wants a site, but I have not mentioned Bricks yet because of this.

This comment line seemed the closest to non build related queries?

Hi Wayne,
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Licensing and client editing are two different things. You can handle the license from your Bricks Account and restrict it to your clients site url. The client is not able to see the license key.

You can also limit the editing capabilities of the client. That’s what the Builder Access Feature is for.

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Thanks Timmse, understood.

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