Lastest sites build with bricks

Hello all.

I just want to share my last project with bricks, I get some help from this community. it’s a WooCommerce shop, using conditional display for a product category, query loop and all good stuff in bricks.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Also I finished this other site using CPT and query loops


I am a huge fan of the second website you shared – . I love the personality it displays and it is generally a very well crafted design. Can’t say enough nice things about it. Seriously, well done!

As for , something about the scale on desktop view throws me off. The mobile view is definitely a stronger experience. Also perhaps the color scheme could use some tweaking? Or maybe the way the colors are used. I can’t place my finger on it but something about the green footer and the space it takes up on desktop view throws me for a loop.

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Thank you for the feedback.
I will improve and tke your comments on the palorosa site, I can’t reproduce the loop on the footer you say,