Ken burn effects in the slider

it would be nice if we have this feature with the slider.

thank you


Maybe it can be done with some clever CSS. I have not yet managed to find the appropriate CSS class.

Is there a pro who can help?

It will be awesome if this effect exist in default slider

Maybe you can find a snippet here…


Until they add it to the slider you can just add some custom css you can add on the slider element

@keyframes scale-down {
from { transform: scale(1.2) }
to { transform: scale(1) }

@keyframes scale-up {
from { transform: scale(1) }
to { transform: scale(1.2) }

%root% .is-active:nth-of-type(odd) img{
animation: scale-down 5s linear forwards;

%root% .is-active:nth-of-type(even) img{
animation: scale-up 5s linear forwards;


Hey @markballard . Where to put this CSS code? Please post a screenshot

Screen Shot 2023-11-04 at 11.22.34 AM


Thanks @markballard for helping
i tried your code but no luck :expressionless:
maybe i am messing something

I exported the template as a json file so you can import and play around with

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Can you share it via
Thanks in advanced

My bad I made a change and uploaded again but copied the wrong link

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Thanks @markballard :v: