Keith Monaghan Artist website for his history & biography

This is my first site built with Bricks. All content is from the Block Editor (with Kadence plugin). The Header, Footer, and Sidebar are all built with the Bricks Builder. The website’s design was meant to convey a retro editorial feel.

Keith Monaghan Artist

The Sidebar was the most difficult part of the build with many Media Queries. The project was started at the beginning of the year with Astra as the theme, but I couldn’t really give it the structure it required. I started over with Bricks v3. Flexbox and the Template’s shortcodes came to the rescue. There were only 7 pages total, so cutting and pasting the Block Editor HTML contents made that process very easy. All in all, it was a great experience and I’m very pleased with the website’s speed.


@riderworks great work. I really like the simplistic & sleek look (albeit a lot of work to achieve this), which is befitting of the type of website.

I love the fluidity of your sidebar, and you have the ease animations set perfectly.

I did think about on desktop what it would look like with a slight offset page color (not white, but something from his works, but reduced down in lightness) to showcase the centerpiece (boxed area with the content).

But great job, well done :+1: :clap:

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Thanks, Michael, for you kind words. We had tested a light tinted background, but felt the white background worked best.

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