Just completed the staging site for a consulting firm who is a client at the agency I work for


Looking forward to your feedback. Also, open to freelance opportunities if available.


This is an insecure link for me:

The site has been moved to live https://varickconsulting.com

It’s looking neat, great job!
How did you create the preloader?

There’s a free plugin called preloader plus @kwanamari

cool thanks. for a moment I thought you used conditions

The Layout/Design looks and feels great!

Only one small detail, which maybe isn‘t technically fixable: if you are scrolling on a mobile device, the animations which slide in from the sides, cause a horizontal scrolling for a short time till the animation is finished.

It isn‘t that bad, but personally I hate if you can scroll horizontally by accident on a website :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s perfect!
The city image on mobile viewport can fill the bottom gap, so it would look better (probably).

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I like the overall design! My only feedback would be the testimonial slider on the home page - these seem quite underwhelming and are an important thing to showcase on a home page!

Feel free to submit your site to www.wpshowoff.com, I would love to get it added!

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Looks great!

How did you create those animated buttons?

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Looks clean! Nicely done

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Just used the default animations present in bricks.

Thank You :slight_smile: Glad you liked it.