Issue with WooCommerce Displaying "No Rating" for Rated Products

I’m experiencing an issue on my WordPress website with WooCommerce, where the system displays “No Rating” for products even when ratings have been given.

I’ve noticed that even when customers leave ratings for products, the system continues to display “No Rating.” This is misleading for users and not the expected behavior.

What I’ve Tried:

  • I’ve checked my theme settings but couldn’t find a solution to this problem.
  • I’ve reviewed relevant plugins but haven’t found a fix.
  • I’ve searched for documentation, but I couldn’t find any information on this specific issue.

I’m seeking help to resolve this issue where “No Rating” is displayed for products that have received ratings. If any community members have encountered this problem or have insights on how to address it, please share your knowledge. If the solution involves code modifications, I would greatly appreciate clear and detailed instructions or code snippets.

Thank you for your support!