Is your fontawesome integration GDPR compliant?

Since many users will not accept anything of the cookie popup, I want to know if your integration of fontawesome sends any data to their servers?

If yes: Should I host it myself as a font or as SVG files … what is your suggestion?

Hello @901422183 ,

I have no idea about the GDPR-ready state of Fontawesome integration. I’ve not been using them.

However, I can confirm the best way, in my opinion, is to use SVG icons instead of any fonts, as even the page will load faster this way. So there is no need to include and load additional CSS etc.

Hey and thanks for your answer! :slight_smile: I just wrote the Bricks team an email, hope they answer soon.

Regarding SVGs on the fontawesome website I have read, that it is faster than a webfont, but that might be wrong. Furthermore it seem to need JS(?) (Web Fonts vs SVG | Font Awesome Docs)

I don’t know about FontAwesome SVGs. Maybe they need it for some animation/interaction? No sure.

I always export my SVGs from Figma or AdobeXD so I don’t really use FontAwesome. And the normal SVGs don’t require any JS.

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Got an answer from Stefan by mail:

"The Google Fonts are the only problematic thing related to GDPR.
Our icon fonts are installed locally within the theme (you can find them in bricks/assets/fonts).

If you use the contact form, you should adapt it according to the GDPR requirements (e.g., add a checkbox for “data processing agreement”)."


(If anything changes regarding this topic, feel free to comment!)

Depends. In germany any kind of cdn request is a problem.
The dsgvo / gdpr problem is the Disclosure of of unmasked Ip of the user without any consent.

So also Font Awesome / Adobe Fonts and any other kind of external CDN are affected.

For germany and austria - definitly a problem. For other countries in europe maybe a grey zone. Outside europe - no idea. :slight_smile:

So the answer of Stefan is not correct regarding German laws? As I understood him the Font Awesome Font is hosted locally, so there is no external CDN request.

If you host all your fonts on your server - including fontawesome - there is no problem.

But be aware that the integration of YouTube, Recaptcha and other things on your website load also fonts directly from Google. And that’s the real bummer. But there are Wordpress plugins to solve that. GDPR is a real pita.

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Thanks for the warning! Was not aware, that they might load google fonts too. Do you have a plugin suggestion to solve the Google fonts problem with other integrations? @DLR

I’m still in the research process, so no recommendation.

Check out “Local Google Fonts”, “OMGF” and “Embed Google Fonts”


Only CDN Requests are a problem. Local host of sources is the solution.

Recaptchas, Google Map and Plugins that use that sources can cause GDPR problems.

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Did anyone find a solution for Recaptcha V3 which loads roboto from google?

Neither Local Google fonts, omfg and embed google fonts are working.

A spam filter in the inbox or a paid service: