Is There a Good Reason Templates Overwrite Page Content by Default?

I don’t think having templates overwrite content on a page that was explicitly created for that page is very intuitive. In fact, it seems backwards from what I’ve come to expect with such things as the CSS hierarchy system. Is there a way to control when this happens, or if it happens at all? Perhaps a new global setting, or, even better, a setting you can toggle on each template.

For background, please read this thread:


The most specific layout should always be used. Or at least setting for this. But we need to make sure that accidental editing with bricks doesn’t overwrite pages without pressing publish.

I endorse @GrowPlugins feature request.

Yup, if we follow WordPress’ template hierarchy, it make sense that pages overrides the page tempates. This was easily achievable in Elementor. Wish this was a setting that we can enable or not.

I am just now encountering this and am a little baffled as well. I’d expect to be able to set a ‘Simple Page’ template as the default for pages, and then any page ‘Built With Bricks’ would be overridden with it’s own custom content/layout structure.

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