Is it possible to see which template you use on a page?

Hi I’m new. I made a few templates and gave them different names but when I’m working on a webpage I can’t see which tamplate I used. Do I miss something?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Daisy

You can assign a template to one or more pages through Settings » Template Settings » Conditions.

Please note that templates do not work exactly the same way as you may know it from other WordPress themes. You can learn more about templates here: Template Settings – Bricks Academy

Thanks, for your quick response.
I understand how to enter a sjabloon to the webpage.

But when you do that, is it possible to see the name of the sjabloon in the structure of the page you working at? Because when you have a lot of sjablones and they look alike, you don’t know witch one you used.

I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing.

Templates in Bricks can be used in two ways:

Either they are assigned to a page through the conditions I mentioned earlier – in this case they replace the page content completely, and you wouldn’t exactly «work on that page».

Or you use section templates like you would use block patterns in the block editor, meaning you insert a template from your collection to quickly create a section of a page.

What use case are we talking about? Maybe you can provide a screenshot?