Is it possible to create a custom offcanvas cart now?


Today I tried to create a custom offcanvas cart using the offcanvas element and query Loop. All good progress but there seems to be some problems that I couldn’t find a solution for. Is this feature not fully implemented in bricks yet, or am I wrong?


Hey, how far did you come? I had the same idea because the stock element by bricks is really bad and the shop I’m working on had Cartpops which is really beautiful and with upsell recommendation. I did hope to be able to recreate it with bricks but no it seems impossible…


I’d also like to be able to do this too for adding upsells, a message saying how much more to spend to get free shipping, add credit card logos with a message saying “Fast and secure checkout” etc… Using a separate off canvas element seems like a good idea but I also like the way the current cart widget displays the number of items and the total price as part of the button. It would be great if there was an option to use the standard cart content or to optionally replace it with a template or simply add extra content after the cart contents.

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For now there are no further improvements for the cart element unfortunately. What you describe is possible with the Bricks Ulitmate addon. Though I do not like to add many plugins. I went down and used the mini cart element and modified the WC mini cart template to show product amount selectors and incorporated a simple Ajax script so the offcanvas cart gets updated. Also added a heading and further infos below the checkout buttins via code for the offcanvas cart.

It would be great if Bricks showed some love for the WC folks and for instance modernize the cart solution. Right now bricks basically loads the default WC mini cart template (which lacks modern features) and nothing more.