Is it possible a loop based on custom fields?

Is it possible a loop based on custom fields?
I’m making a website for my roleplay groups, and want to display characters connected to groups.

Right now I have a custom post type “Groups” and a custom post type “Characters”.

In every character post I have picked what group they are connected to via a custom field (connected_group). The Custom field is a list of all post titles.
Both custom post types and custom fields are made with ACF (free version).

On each group, I would like to display all the characters connected to that group.

So far I have been able to make a list of all in the custom post type “characters”.
However I can not figure out how to only show the “characters” with a specific field.

Is this doable?

I have tried with meta query in Bricks and some more custom code. But the only thing I have success showing is the list for custom post type for all characters.

The custom Field:

Meta query’s:

Query editor (not sure I understand how this work):

I think you need a relationship field to do things like this

Two essential choices. Either buy ACF pro (or PODS for free) and use a relationship field, which you can loop through using native bricks loops…
Or rethink how you use this. have two taxonomies, group and character, and then you can ‘tag’ characters with the appropriate group - and use basic ‘get posts by category’ to find them in each group.