Is it normal that product filters cause a page reload rather than AJAX refresh?

In Thomas’ video on Bricks 1.3 it seems like choosing different product filters refreshes the products list with AJAX, but for me the page reloads when changing any product filter, which is a horrible user experience. Is it just me or is this the way it is?

BTW…the page also refreshes when changing the sort order!

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Hi Eric,

Yes, it is normal because the filter isn’t using ajax yet.

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Is this something will be added with the Woocommerce part 2 release?


When will proper ajax filtering and pagination be added? It’s pretty useless as is.


I am also interested to know if there is a way, to do the filtering with ajax.

Hello, has anyone got a solution for using AJAX with the current product filter? I realise a new filter is on the way, but I would love a workaround if anyone has one? Many thanks!