Is ist possible with Bricks?

Hello everyone,

I’ll get straight to the point. Currently, I’m working with Wordpress and the so-called Flo Themes. The Flo Theme features a Flex Block Builder that is second to none. The Flex Block Builder allows me, without any special knowledge, to design anything imaginable in seconds or minutes. Whether on a 4K monitor, a 1920p, or a 1440p monitor, everything is responsive down to the last detail. When I open the page on my 4K monitor, it doesn’t appear as a small strip in the middle of the screen but is fully displayed in its actual size. The same goes for all other resolutions. What’s special is that I can individually adjust each created block for mobile devices. Everything looks exactly as I imagine. I can edit the mobile version of each block individually.

Now, Flo Themes has been acquired by Pixiset and is supposed to be discontinued. I’m looking for a builder that provides an alternative. A builder that gives me the ability to create truly responsive websites. I’ve been testing everything for several weeks now: Divi, Elementor, Kadence, Squarespace, and so on. I know not every one of them is for Wordpress. But one thing I can say with full conviction is that working with other builders feels like having two chopped-off arms. Every freedom is taken away. The Flex Block Builder was boundless.

Many websites look nice up to full HD but lose a lot of their design quality when viewed in higher resolutions. Many sites have a container that appears so small on a 4K monitor that they look like they’re from 2004.

Example blog post from my page: Reisetagebuch | Norwegen | Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella-Nationalpark | 90km in 5 Tagen – Momente im Licht

Can I build such a responsive site with Bricks? Will the site with Bricks also be adapted so that it looks the same on all devices? Or will texts appear as if they were designed for ants on a 4K monitor? Can the mobile version be adjusted independently?

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Hello Skawusch,
From my experience at Bricks, you can create adaptive designs for each device and you can also create new device sizes and adjust the content to each of them independently.


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yes anything possible
it all depends on your setup. breakpoints + CSS units + (maybe CSS grid)

learn and use CSS clamp on almost everything (for fluid scaling) not just fonts but containers too.

if you want to align things perfectly all the time on all viewport sizes I would recommend for you to learn css grid. I don’t use grid unless I really really really have to but it is very useful for some type of layouts and supreme alignments.