Is Automatic CSS worth it?

Hi! Is Automatic.css a good investment? Is this something that will take my web design to the next level? I am somewhat a beginner and I have been watching Kevin Geary’s PB 101 series, which has been extremely complex but I am hoping helpful in the future.

Depending on your skills and needs.

If you want a consistently spaced and responsive website, I think this is one of the best ways to get it done.

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Setup Bricks, configure the presets, add your content and start building; I think you will find you don’t need a CSS framework, but that you just need to organize your CSS. This can be achieved with the presets and intentional exceptions.

By establishing your styles globally via the presets, you only have to make classes that override those styles when you need to make something an ‘exception’ or ‘featured’ or the like. It makes development efficient and easier.

Not every project is (should be) the same; some projects could be large enough to warrant a CSS framework, but you don’t need it for a lot of projects. Don’t bloat your styles. Though they say you can turn off styles in ACCS, why would you buy a framework just to not use most of it? At that point, you are again better off setting your presets.

ETA: Just look at some of the sites people posted designed using ACSS: it is not what brings your design to the next level–it’s just a tool. Just like a paintbrush for an artist, it’s only going to be as effective as the person wielding it.


Thank you very much!

Thank you! I appreciate the answer