Investigate compatibility with WP-Optimize

Hello, Bricks team! I’m wondering if you might take it upon yourselves to work with the devs of WP-Optimize to thoroughly investigate compatibility between their plugin and Bricks?

I understand that’s an entitled thing to ask, and I understand you can’t go establishing compatibility with every plugin out there willy-nilly, I’m sure it takes time and resources. Here’s why I’m making this plea anyway:

WP-Optimize rocks.

It comes with a database cleanup tool, provides highly customizable Caching, GZIP, Minify and on-the-fly image compression, hell, it even creates and serves WebP automatically.

With it, I took websites that had several seconds of TTFB and sluggish loading times to practically springing into existence at a keypress.,,,

With Beaver Builder, which I was using until mid-2022, you just turn on WP-Optimize, enable all features and don’t look back. I have about half a dozen Bricks builds under my belt now and so far, I repeatedly had to tweak settings and more often than not, I need to turn off one type of minification or disable the feature altogether. Of course other plugins play a role, too, I get it, but my Beaver Builder builds (couple dozen) rarely have any such issues out of the box.

I have yet to come up with a fool-proof config for WP-Optimize. I understand that on Minify > Advanced, one can see a list of processed files and selectively exclude them, but the process is pretty involved and I’ve had a couple cases where it made no difference in the end.

So here goes nothing. Would love to hear your assessment. Is this even realistic? What does the rest of the community think? Have you found fool-proof settings for WP-Optimize and Bricks?


Use of Bricks and WP-Optimize plugin causes any PHP within code blocks loaded into the bricks editor to be replaced by the words “noise 1000”. It then gets saved if you save the page. Quite a popular plugin so might be worth investigating why it is happening.