Interactions in external file

What do you think about page-specific interactions loaded in external file(json)?

Let say

    "2d22, 2d23, 2d24": {
        "id": "wbreai",
        "trigger": "click",
        "target": "popup",
        "templateId": "5721",
        "action": "show"
    "2d25": {
        "id": "uniqueId2",
        "trigger": "hover",
        "target": "element",
        "templateId": "1234",
        "action": "hide"
    // more interactions

so our DOM may be like so

<div data-interaction-id="2d22">Element 1</div>
<div data-interaction-id="2d23">Element 2</div>
<div data-interaction-id="2d24">Element 3</div>
<div data-interaction-id="2d25">Element 4</div>
<!-- and so on-->

In this scenario interactions may be easily reused (no duplicates), json file cached and DOM will be cleaner…

What are your thoughts?