Integration with Dynamic Shortcodes

Browser: Firefox 123.0 (64-bit)
OS: Windows

Bricks native dynamic data is awesome but it’ll be nice if we can get integration with’s Dynamic Shortcodes plugin for more flexibility.

Some of the benefits we can get with Dynamic Shortcodes is:

  1. Supercharge Dynamic Data: Get advanced fallbacks, calculations, conditional logic and more without custom coding. No need for writing php + echo functions.
  2. One Syntax Across Platforms: Use the same shortcodes in Bricks and Gutenberg.
  3. Security-conscious: From what I’ve been told, the team have security in mind. That’s why only basic functions are in the allow list. Any powerful function has to be manual allowed by the admin using Power Shortcodes.

Check this out: Here’s a quick vid showing a few things it can do in other builders

I reached out to the team to ask about the integration and I was informed that they have made all the necessary arrangements to integrate with Bricks but all they need is a few code adjustments from the Bricks team which they’ve already sent over for review.

Would you consider adding this integration? :pray:

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