Incorrect styling with theme for buttons

Bricks Version: 1.4RC2

I have set up my theme style to apply to all pages. It includes styling of the Primary style of buttons (background colour). I have set the Primary button style colour to yellow.

In the builder, the button colour shows as it should:

In my colour pallette, I also have a primary and secondary colour set. The primary colour is set to blue:

On the front end, all buttons set as Primary are not yellow, but blue:

The reason is that the primary style is being overruled by another rule:

Site is

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I had something similar and it was due to t the colours section ‘soon to be deprecated’. Try removing the saved primary and secondary colours in the colours section and it should work, at least it did for me.


Thanks, you’re right that’s a good workaround for now.

Actually, it’s not a great workaround. It knocked out all my headings using Primary and Secondary styles.

Just re-add the primary colour to the typography>headings>all headings to regain all your primary heading colour styls back.

However not sure how to add the secondary styles (it may actually work keeping secondary in place but just removing primary from the colours section as this is the main culprit I think).

You could also use one of the Lead / Hero presets if not used as your secondary styling for headings…not semantically correct but an option, that’s of course if you didn’t want to use a custom class or manually input the colour via the colour palette on your secondary styled headings.

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Thanks, a decent workaround…I’ve already employed my own workaround by redeclaring the overruled style with my own custom CSS. Now I’m just looking for the bug to be fixed.


Hi Eric,
Michael is right, the Color Settings are a relic from the early days of Bricks (when there were no Color Palettes) and will soon be a thing of the past (removed). Since this will probably already be the case in Bricks 1.4.1, there is no bug anymore that needs to be fixed :wink:

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