IMPLEMENTED: WooCommerce View Order Template - Dynamic Data (woo_order_id)

Browser: Chrome 110
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I’m using the “WooCommerce - Account - View order” template and unfortunately I can’t use the dynamic variables, for example to obtain the post_id.
When this data is obtained, the result returned belongs to the “Account” page and not to the order I am viewing.

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Hi Diogo,
Thanks so much for your report!

Since you are still on the my-account page, the post_id outputs the post id of the my-account page.

Theoretically, you could use the {woo_order_id} (which corresponds to the post id of the order). However, the dynamic data tag (and other woo_order tags) within the custom woo order template does not work yet.

I have added this as an improvement task to our to-do list and will move this report accordingly, as it is not a bug.

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any updates? we use the latest 1.9.5, it seems still not working …

OK, I solved this problem by using a workaround. Hopefully the fix comes soon.

Hi Diogo,
We’ve implemented the mentioned improvements in Bricks 1.9.6, now available as a one-click update in your WordPress Dashboard.

Changelog: Bricks 1.9.6 Changelog – Bricks

Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

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